Record heat in the UK: exceeded 40 degrees for the first time

Record heat in the UK: exceeded 40 degrees for the first time

The hottest day ever in Britain

Britain today broke the record for the highest temperature ever recorded. It happened on the day when the heat wave that hit the island like many parts of Europe became even more suffocating.

And it doesn’t seem over here. At 12.50 local time the Met Office measured the record temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius (104.4 degrees Fahrenheit) at Heathrow airport. A temperature that broke the record set just an hour earlier.

In fact, before noon, in Charlwood, a charming town in the southeastern county of Surrey, the mercury column reached 39.1 ° C, beating the previous all-time records of 38.7 ° C in Cambridge in July 2019, of 38 , 5 ° C in Kent in August 2003 and 38.1 ° C in Suffolk yesterday.

And the forecasts are not reassuring. According to the Met Office, which in recent days had issued a red alert for the scorching heat for the first time in British history, it will be even hotter in a country poorly prepared for these extreme temperatures and the thermometer column could reach in these hours even 43 degrees.

Yesterday, the scorching heat wave that is afflicting the United Kingdom forced London Luton airport to suspend flights for a few hours due to damage to the runway caused by high temperatures.

Already at the weekend the British crowded the beaches of the south of the country in search of refreshment while in London those who braved the heatwave tried to sunbathe on the lawns of urban parks, unrecognizable due to the dry and yellowed grass due to the extraordinarily dry season.

An alarming situation also due to the risk of fires. From the beginning of last month to July 12, the BBC reports, London firefighters have had to deal with more than 800 fires.

The heat wave that has led to temperatures of 40 degrees is causing a “huge increase” in the number of fires in London. Mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed this, adding that the firefighters are under “immense pressure”.

And on the day of the record, a fire broke out in Wennington, in the east of the capital. The London Fire Brigade, which speaks of a “serious accident”, is working with about 100 firefighters.

Today in Cambridgeshire, the surface of the A14 at Bottisham seemed to have melted and deformed. And on the train front, Network Rail and operators have updated travel advice for those heading north from London in the red alert area, informing that there will be no services from London King’s Cross station all day. The heat has brought rail chaos to the capital’s commuters, with no Thameslink or Great Northern trains running anywhere north of London, from Blackfriars via St Pancras, or from King’s Cross or Moorgate. And the London Underground stations have been equipped with large fans.