Russia ready to talk with Serbia for additional gas

Russia ready to talk with Serbia for additional gas

Russian ambassador, Aleksandr Bochan Harchenko

The Russian ambassador to Serbia, Aleksandr Bochan Harchenko, says that Russian Gazprom is open to talks if Serbia needs additional quantities of Russian gas during the winter and emphasizes that Russia understands the position of Serbia, which is asked to impose sanctions on the Russian Federation.

Harchenko in an interview for “Tanjug” said that with the first basic contract, Russia enabled Serbia to supply a certain amount of gas at the lowest possible prices, and that after this additional amount was contracted at slightly higher prices .

This is how he answered the question of whether, as announced, Serbia will receive two million cubic meters of gas per day from Russia from December and at what price, and whether Serbia can count on additional support if necessary.

“The original price, which refers to the previous base quantities, remains the lowest that can now be determined in Europe. This is a very important thing and my message is that whenever we talk about energy and gas, let’s not forget that we have a basic contract at a very low and favorable price”, Harchenko said.

As for the additional quantities, he says, this is a matter of discussion between Serbia Gas and the Russian Gazprom and that the Russian side is ready for negotiations.

Asked whether it is possible for Serbia to receive Russian oil through an alternative route instead of Janaf, given that on December 5, when the full embargo on importing crude oil from Russia by sea will come into force, Kharchenko says that NIS in Serbia is fully insured and does not depend on delivery via Janaf.

“As for banning Serbia from importing oil through Janaf, I did not think that the EU could take such a step towards a country that is a candidate”, says Harchenko.

He reiterated that NIS is supplied with oil from other sources and recalled that yesterday he had a conversation with people from that company and that they are calm, satisfied and the company is working in the best way.

He estimated that this year is very favorable for NIS.

Asked if they have data on how many Russian citizens have come to Serbia since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, how many Russian companies have opened and if they have cooperation with local businessmen, Harchenko said that it is natural that at this moment Russians are opening businesses in Serbia and relying on Serbian companies.