Russian mercenaries build massive anti-tank defense

Russian mercenaries build massive anti-tank defense

The Wagner Group military built a fortification consisting of four rows of concrete pyramids in Luhansk to repel Ukrainian troops.

An approximately two kilometer long fortification was built around the Ukrainian city of Hirske in the Republic of Luhansk. The Russian troops would have put up four rows of concrete pyramids. According to reports from the Kyiv Independent, the fortification to defend the Russian trench was erected by soldiers of the Wagner Group, a paramilitary army of mercenaries fighting for Moscow founded by entrepreneur Dmitry Valerievich Utkin.

The Kyiv Independent picked up a news broadcast first by CNN. According to the US network, the fortification is called “Wagner Line” in reference to the military company that built it. Its purpose is to stop a frontal attack by the Ukrainian army.

CNN has released some satellite images showing the trench from above: in the frames it is possible to see other constructions in place to repel the army of Kiev. The photographs of the area were taken by the satellites of Maxar Technologies.

The “Wagner Line” fortification, photo by Maxar Technologies, from Twitter

From the footage, it appears that the fortification is built from four rows of concrete pyramids and a deep trench to stop Ukrainian vehicles moving east. The existence of the “Wagner Line” is not a mystery: two Russian newspapers also talked about it.

Pro-Russian Zvezda TV said the line constitutes a “second defense” to repel Zelensky’s army, but did not specify how far it will be extended.

Other Moscow media have instead explained that the fortification will be lengthened to reach the Russian-Ukrainian border on one side and the city of Svitlodarsk on the other, almost in line with the Donetsk – Lugansk directive. The “Wagner Line”, therefore, would be about 217 kilometers long. It currently stops at 1.6 kilometers and the Ukrainian army could still easily bypass it during an attack.