Serial killer arrested: accused of killing six people
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Serial killer arrested: accused of killing six people

The killer in Stockton, California, has killed six people and injured a woman since April 2021. They stopped him near his house: armed and masked, he was ready to strike again.

His name is Wesley Brownlee and, for the Stockton, California police, he is a serial killer: he is suspected of killing 6 people. The agents stopped him near his home. He was armed, ready to carry out a “new death mission,” investigators said. “We are sure we have stopped another murder,” they added. The 43-year-old suspect was armed, dressed in dark and wearing a mask. “His behavior” said an official “is in line with what we collected during the investigation”.

“The shootings, which began last year and continued through September, have been linked to forensic ballistic evidence,” authorities said earlier this month. The sad timeline began on April 10, 2021, when the first victim was shot dead, with episodes continuing until the most recent murder on September 27.

All the ambushes took place at night in Stockton, with the victims surprised while they were alone on the street or in a car. The victims were between 21 and 54 years old.

Bronwnlee has numerous criminal records but the motive for the chain of murders has not been revealed at the moment. Another woman would become the killer’s seventh victim, but she luckily survived the injuries sustained. “We don’t know what your motivations are. What we believe is that you are mission oriented. This person is on a mission,” said Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden.

A few weeks ago the authorities had offered a reward of over 100,000 dollars to anyone who provided useful information for identification. In addition, a video was released showing a figure close to one of the crime scenes.