Shooting in a school in St. Louis, the students saved by the teacher who faced the killer
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Shooting in a school in St. Louis, the students saved by the teacher who faced the killer

Shooting in a high school in St. Louis, United States. There are 3 confirmed dead and 7 injured. The killer also died. The 19-year-old former school student had hundreds of bullets and a dozen magazines with him.

The toll of the shooting that took place a few hours ago in a school in St. Louis, in the USA, is of three victims and 7 injured. The assailant also died, who according to what was announced by the American police forces was a former student. The killer was allegedly killed in a fire fight with the agents who intervened on the spot.

The other two victims are a 61-year-old teacher, who saved her students by standing between them and the killer, and a 16-year-old girl. 380 teenagers.

One of the victims, Alexandra “Alex” Bell, 16.

The students barricaded themselves inside the classrooms to try to avoid the killer, while some fled the windows of the building. Law enforcement officers intervened when most of the students had already managed to drop out of high school.

The attacker was blocked in no time: he was a 19-year-old former student of Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. The motive behind the shooting has not yet been ascertained, but in the coming days the police will listen to the testimonies of the students to investigate the private life of the killer. According to what was verified, he had brought with him hundreds of bullets sorted in at least a dozen magazines to the scene of the shooting.

Fortunately, the 7 people injured are not in danger of life. All have been taken to hospital for tests and will get away with a few days of prognosis. “This violence is meaningless – said the White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre -. We need effective actions to counter the violence of firearms at school”.

The teacher Kean Kuzcka, 61 years old.

The teacher who stood between the killer and the students

One of the victims is the teacher Kean Kuzcka, 61 years old. According to what the family told the press, the woman tried to help her students to barricade themselves in the classroom. The assailant, however, managed to break in and at that point the teacher stood between him and her students. The 61-year-old was one of the first victims of the shooting