South Korea, Seoul flooded: 7 dead and 6 missing.

South Korea, Seoul flooded: 7 dead and 6 missing.

There are 7 dead and 6 missing after the violent storm that hit Seoul, South Korea. Hundreds of other civilians are missing. The streets of the capital completely flooded.

South Korea is facing the most violent storm of the last 80 years. The streets of Seoul turned into real rivers during the evening of yesterday, Monday 8 August. According to the international press, at least six people are missing and hundreds more have been forced to leave their homes. Another 7 are the dead, but the toll could increase in the next few hours. Dozens of roads are impassable and many buildings have been damaged.

The images, which quickly made the rounds of the internet, show submerged subways and cars floating in real streams in the center of the capital.

President Yoon Suk-yeol has called an emergency government meeting to discuss the bad weather emergency and coordinate relief efforts for missing and displaced persons. Many public facilities in the capital are out of order. The most affected neighborhood would be that of Gangnam, in Seoul. According to authorities, most of the deceased were trapped in their banjiha, the popular basement apartments portrayed in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite”.

Residents tragically drowned at home. Rescue operations are still in progress: in fact, in most cases, even the recovery of the bodies is difficult. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior has further warned citizens, announcing a possible further deterioration in the coming hours with forecasts of rainfall of up to 300 mm over the capital and the province of Gangwon. The wave of bad weather is expected to last until tomorrow, Wednesday 10 August.

The Korea Forest Service has issued a landslide warning for 47 cities and counties in the country. The notice also affects 8 districts of Seoul and several areas of the provinces of Incheon Gyeonggi, Gangwon and Chungcheon