Spain: “Free trains for three months and scholarship supplements”

Spain: “Free trains for three months and scholarship supplements”

The incentive to use public transport was announced by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, during his speech on the “State of the Nation”. Then he anticipated a rich set of measurements: smart working and the temperatures of the air conditioners at the center

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said his government will reimburse passengers for “100 percent” of public, local and “medium-distance” rail travel passes. The measure will be in effect from 1 September to 31 December. He announced this today in his speech to Parliament on the “State of the Nation”, along with other measures that will try to ease the effect of inflation on households’ pockets. “This is nothing that upsets our way of life,” Sánchez stressed.

“These are actions that allow us to defend our values ​​and our lifestyle when they are attacked.” Lighten the cost of living suffered by families and encourage the use of public transport over private transport, at a time when energy saving has become a priority throughout Europe. These are the reasons behind the measure of free rail passes promoted by the Spanish premier, which is independent from that on the 30% reduction for multi-trip tickets for urban and metropolitan transport, anticipated last week. But that’s not the only provision coming.

Scholarships – To cope with uncontrolled inflation, President Pedro Sánchez announced a complementary scholarship of 100 euros per month for those over 16 who benefit from a state scholarship for post-compulsory studies (intermediate vocational training and high school, high school and university). The measure is estimated to cost 100 million per month.

Programming in schools – Sánchez also presented the “Code School 4.0” program at the Congress so that children, primary and secondary students learn “the language of the present and of the future”. The project will include computational thinking, programming and robotics. The budget for the next two years foreseen for this plan is 356 million euros. This money – according to what a spokesman for the Ministry of Education revealed to El Paìs – will be used by the government to provide the centers with computers, materials and teacher training.

Taxes on banks and electricity companies – Then the prime minister announced that Spain will introduce temporary taxes on electricity companies and banks that are expected to generate revenues of € 7 billion over the period 2023-2024. The government plans to raise € 2 billion annually in 2023 and 2024 from a tax on extraordinary utility profits made this year and next. “The tax on financial institutions will bring 1.5 billion in revenue per year,” Sánchez stressed to Parliament.