Supermoon, an unprecedented spectacle (Images)

Supermoon, an unprecedented spectacle (Images)

The images of the “show” that our satellite offered us last night, surprising everyone from every corner of the world, for its beauty and brightness

A Buck Supermoon, because, according to an ancient Native American tradition, the month of July is the time when the horns of male specimens reach their maximum size, capable of obscuring even the light of the Moon.

But also, for astrology enthusiasts, a full Moon in Capricorn, which spurs us to draw on our inner strength to definitively “face” that emotional stumbling block that we have been avoiding for some time.

Whatever the name – and the meaning – you want to give to the show offered last night by the skies of all the world, our satellite planet left everyone speechless also because it is closer to the Earth than ever before: 357,418 kilometers compared to 357,658 to the perigee, or in the instant in which it passed in the point of its orbit closest to our planet.

Yesterday we therefore perceived the Moon 7% larger and about 15% brighter. And many of us took advantage of a no-cost show offered by the universe.

And for those who missed it, the next Supermoon will take place on August 12th.