Taiwan: Nancy Pelosi will be in Taipei tomorrow. China: “The army will not stand by and watch”

Taiwan: Nancy Pelosi will be in Taipei tomorrow. China: “The army will not stand by and watch”

The video of when the speaker of the House in 1991 angered the Chinese authorities by unrolling a banner in Tiananmen Square, commemorating the victims of the Beijing repression

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, will be in Taiwan as early as tomorrow evening. The Taiwanese television broadcaster Tvbs and the Chinese-language newspaper China Times affirm this, citing their own sources.

CNN quotes a senior Taiwanese government official that Pelosi should stay in Taipei one night. A US official also quoted by CNN added that members of the Defense Department are working 24 hours a day to monitor any Chinese movements in the region and ensure the safety of the speaker of the House.

Pelosi arrived today in Singapore, the first stop on her tour in Asia which will also take her to Malaysia, South Korea and Japan

Nancy Pelosi in Singapore

China: “The Army will never stand by and watch”

The Chinese foreign ministry said that a possible visit to Taiwan, which China claims as part of its territory, by the “number 3 official of the United States government” would not be without consequences, but would be considered rather considered ‘ ‘a serious interference in Chinese domestic politics “.

China therefore returns to warn the United States that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army “will never stand by and watch”. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian spoke of “decisive and strong countermeasures to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity”. The United States, he added, should respect the three joint communiques on which diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing were established, keep “President Biden’s promise not to support Taiwan’s independence” and “not allow the organization of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “.

During a video call, President Xi Jinping warned his US counterpart that China would safeguard its “territorial integrity”, urging not to question the “strong will” of 1.4 billion Chinese. “Those who play with fire will get burned,” Xi told Biden, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Joe Biden went on to reassure Beijing that the US line on the ‘One China’ policy has not changed.

US: “We are not intimidated”

In response to the Chinese warnings, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, speaking with CNN, said: “We are not intimidated by China’s rhetoric” on Nancy Pelosi’s mission to Asia, adding that “the Speaker’s trip is important. and we support it “, without however giving any confirmation.

On the same dates that Pelosi’s mission will take place, China announced exercises in the Taiwan Strait and in the South China Sea, a few hundred kilometers off the coast of the island.

Four J-16 fighters entered the island’s air defense identification zone, according to the Taipei National Defense Ministry. On May 30, Beijing had sent thirty military aircraft to the island’s air defense zone, including 22 fighters, the highest number since last January 23, when the Taipei National Defense Ministry recorded the presence of 39 fighter jets. Chinese in the air defense zone of the island.

The Pentagon has informed Pelosi staff of the very high risks of a trip to Taiwan, the first of a US House Speaker in 25 years, and is ready to intervene with fighter jets and other defense systems, but the administration has also clarified that the final decision is up to you.

For the career of the California Democrat, who has always been critical of China, it would be a unique stage. When she was just elected to Congress in 1991, Pelosi angered the Chinese authorities by rolling out a banner in Tiananmen Square commemorating the victims of Beijing’s repression. And not even two weeks ago she posted the video of that day on Twitter and said: “It is important for us to show support for Taiwan.”