Taliban torture and kill gay student, video sent to partner: “You will be next”

Taliban torture and kill gay student, video sent to partner: “You will be next”

The violence against people of the LGBTQ + community in Afghanistan continues: the latest victim was Hamed Sabouri, a 22-year-old medical student at the university. The Taliban sent the video of the execution to the victim’s family and boyfriend: “Life is hell here”.

Yet another case of Taliban violence against the LGBTQ + community in Afghanistan. A medical university student was stopped by the authorities at a checkpoint last August and never came back alive: the Taliban tortured him for three days, until his death.

Then the last terrible act of cruelty, with the sending of the video of the violence committed against the victim to his family and partner.

Hamed Sabouri was 22, loved to read novels and dreamed of becoming a doctor. Instead, he died murdered by the blind fury of Islamic fundamentalism.

“Hamed’s family fled and I went into hiding. We were like any other couple in love in the world, but the Taliban treat us like criminals. They killed the love of my life and I don’t know how I will live without him – he said. Metro “Bahar” (invented name), Sabouri’s partner – I was arrested by the Taliban in August 2021 and again in May and June of this year. I was raped, beaten and tortured with electric shocks. Six people they tortured me for three days with a machine gun “.

In that circumstance, Bahar would have managed to escape from prison by bribing a prison guard. But the Taliban would never stop hunting him. Also in the testimony released to the British tabloid, the man spoke of the video that the Taliban authorities had sent him after the killing of Sabouri: a clip lasting a few seconds, containing the chilling warning “you will become the next Hamed”.

According to reports from some organizations of activists for the rights of the LGBTQ community – such as “Behesht Collective” (of which Bahar is a part) and “Roshaniya” – the increasing violence has prompted many people of the LGBTQ + community to try to leave the country or go into hiding.

Among them, as confirmed by The Guardian, there would also be the closest relatives of the victim: Haseeb Sabouri, brother of Hamed, would have announced that the family sold the two houses in Afghanistan and fled to Turkey. “We fled Afghanistan because of the threats and the murder of Hamed – explained the brother of the victim – the Taliban came to our house every day to harass and threaten us”.

The sad end of Hamed Sabouri attracted the attention of Afghan writer and journalist with US passport Nemat Sadat, who in a post published on Facebook said: “The death of Hamed Sabouri is further proof that the Taliban will not stop until they will not eliminate all gays in Afghanistan. The fault lies with the failure of the UK and other Western governments to provide asylum protection for LGBTQ + people at risk. “

Sadat himself has started in recent months a fundraising campaign for “Roshaniya” on the “GoFundMe” platform, in aid of LGBTQ + Afghan refugees: “Mullah Gul Rahim, the Taliban judge, has promised that gays can expect to be stoned or toppled from walls 10-15 feet high “, reads between the lines describing the crowdfunding initiative.