The daughter of Kobe Bryant in danger, requests a protection order
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The daughter of Kobe Bryant in danger, requests a protection order

Kobe Bryant’s eldest daughter, Natalia Bryant, has filed for a restraining order against a man she says sent her harassing messages and stalked her.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Bryant said a 32-year-old man named Dwayne Kemp chased her with a gun.

“I don’t feel safe,” she told the court, adding that she has never met or had contact with Kemp, who believes they are dating each other. Bryant said Kemp first made an effort to contact him in 2020.

Natalia said he sent her a message on Instagram that included a picture of the late Kobe Bryant with the caption, “Thank you he was born, we hope we can give birth to him… Kobe,” implying that they would have “a Kobe “as children together”.

Bryant told the court that Kemp sent her another text on Oct. 23, 2022, which read: “I love you and I’m sorry.” According to court documents, Kemp has been arrested and/or convicted on at least four occasions, one involving possession of a firearm.

Kemp has threatened to buy an AK-47 and a fully automatic Glock. Authorities with the Los Angeles Police Department are involved in the investigation and recommend that a restraining order be issued. Bryant has asked the court to issue Kemp a restraining order that will force him to stay 200 meters away from her residence, work, home and vehicle.

Bryant is the eldest daughter of the late NBA icon Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, who are also parents to the late Gigi, Bianca, 5, and Capri, 3. We recall that in June it was announced that the family of Kobe Bryant and the victims of the helicopter crash in the hills of Calabasas in January 2020, where the NBA basketball star and his 13-year-old daughter lost their lives Gianna and 7 other people reached an agreement to end legal proceedings against the pilot and the airline, as reported by US media.