The latest weapon of the USA against the hypersonic missiles of China and Russia

The latest weapon of the USA against the hypersonic missiles of China and Russia

As reported by the American newspaper “Politico”, the Pentagon is thinking of using these devices to track the latest generation rockets in Beijing and Moscow

The new US weapon against China and Russia’s hypersonic missiles is … hot air. As reported by the Politico newspaper, the US Department of Defense is thinking of transferring balloon projects from scientific services to military ones with high-altitude surveillance objectives. In recent months, both Beijing and Moscow have been testing hypersonic weapons with growing concern from the US administration. Who would now be running for cover.

The advantages of balloons – These devices – which fly between 60,000 and 90,000 feet, or between 18 and 27 kilometers in altitude – would then be added to the already extensive US defense surveillance network and could be used to detect hypersonic missiles.

“High or very high-altitude platforms have many advantages for their strength on the station, maneuverability and even flexibility for multiple loads,” Tom Karako, researcher for the International Security Program and director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center, explained to Politico. for strategic and international studies, which deals with political, economic and international security analysis.

The money spent by the US – According to Politico, the Pentagon has spent about $ 3.8 million on high-flying balloon projects over the past two years. Not only that: it plans to spend an additional $ 27.1 million to continue working on multiple efforts, according to budget documents

Russian hypersonic missiles – The use of hypersonic weapons in war contexts is more relevant than ever. During the invasion of Ukraine, Moscow used the two new Kinzhal and Zircon missiles. The first is supplied to the aviation, the second to the Navy. Equipped with very high precision, speed and silence, these latest generation rockets are able to hit a target without being intercepted and neutralized by enemy anti-aircraft and missile defense. Unless, in fact, the new balloons can do it.