The Russian ambassador orders the US to withdraw nuclear warheads abroad: “They are a threat”

The Russian ambassador orders the US to withdraw nuclear warheads abroad: “They are a threat”

Russian Ambassador Antonov urges the US to withdraw its nuclear weapons deployed abroad: “Our tactical weapons do not pose a threat to you, yours are a threat to Russia.”

The United States must withdraw its nuclear warheads deployed in foreign countries. This is the request that comes from the Russian ambassador in Washington, Anatoli Antonov, who explains: “In this moment of increased tensions and risks, nuclear countries have a particular responsibility to prevent escalation, for this reason, I am asking Washington again to bring back all the nuclear warheads deployed abroad on national territory “.

Antonov then went on to explain that the US should also eliminate the infrastructure abroad in which nuclear warheads are stored and maintained, as well as “renounce the practice of simulating their use with forces of non-nuclear countries in the framework of NATO missions (like the exercise underway these days Steadfast Noon) which goes against the basic principles of the Non-Proliferation Treaty “.

The United States is accelerating its plans to deploy B61-12 nuclear bombs in Europe, “a short flight from the Russian border,” the diplomat denounced. “Our tactical nuclear weapons are instead located in centralized sites in Russia and are not a threat to the United States,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu yesterday told President Putin that the partial mobilization for Ukraine has ended. The Russian president announces “new weapons for ground troops”.

During the night, new Russian raids in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk where there are four victims, all civilians, while another nine people were injured. Russian bombs also hit power lines in Nikopol, a city opposite the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.