The United States warns Putin: “Catastrophic consequences if he uses nuclear weapons”

The United States warns Putin: “Catastrophic consequences if he uses nuclear weapons”

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan replied to the (slightly) veiled Russian threats in a popular television broadcast.

If Russia uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, “if it crosses this line, it will suffer catastrophic consequences. The United States would react decisively ”. This is what the US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, assured today during an interview with Meet the Press, the historic broadcast of the Nbc network, following the (slightly) veiled nuclear threat advanced last Wednesday by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in the speech in which he announced the country’s first military mobilization since the Second World War.

Sullivan did not explain what the US reaction would consist of, but said Washington has “explained it in great detail” in its communications with Moscow. He further explained that the US continues to have frequent direct contact with the Kremlin.

“Putin remains intent on wiping out the Ukrainian people, whom he believes has no right to exist. We must continue to provide weapons, ammunition, intelligence, all possible support, ”Sullivan added.

Also on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden, at the United Nations General Assembly, accused Putin of making “reckless and irresponsible nuclear threats”.

In the meantime, the third of the four days of referendum votes imposed by force in the Ukrainian regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia took place. According to Russian state agencies, the Moscow parliament could start discussions for the annexation of these territories to the Russian Federation this Thursday. The next day a speech in the classroom by President Putin himself is expected. At that point, Moscow could begin to regard Kiev’s counter-offensives as attacks on Russia itself. This was confirmed last Saturday by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: during a press conference, when asked whether Russia would have reasons to use nuclear weapons to defend the annexed regions, he replied that Russian territory, including that ” further sanctioned ”in the future,“ it is under the full protection of the state ”.