The US and the EU could take action against Iran over the sale of drones to Russia

The US and the EU could take action against Iran over the sale of drones to Russia

After the Russian attacks with kamikaze drones on Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, the US and the EU say they are ready to impose sanctions also against Iran for supplying Moscow with those weapons: “Tehran will receive a clear answer”.

Sanctions not only against Russia, but also against Iran. This is what the US and the EU have threatened after the attacks carried out with kamikaze drones this morning in Kiev and on other Ukrainian cities that would have been supplied to Moscow by Tehran.

“The EU has decided to sanction people and entities for their role in the death of Mahsa Amini and in the violence inflicted on the Iranian people. We stand by the courageous women of Iran. In addition, Iran’s support for the war of Iran. Russia against Ukraine will receive a clear response from the EU “, wrote the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen in a tweet.

Condemnation of the latest attacks in Ukraine also came from Washington. The United States will impose sanctions on those companies or countries that collaborate with Iran’s drone program, while Ukraine accuses Tehran of supplying Russia with weapons for the recent deadly attacks on Kiev, the spokesman for the Department of State, Vedant Patel.

“Anyone doing business with Iran who may have links with the development of drones, ballistic missiles or the flow of weapons from Iran to Russia must be very careful,” he said. The United States will not hesitate to use sanctions. ” .

Russian drone attack in Kyiv (Getty).

Shortly before, a US official had told the Politico website, when asked about the revelation of the Washington Post that Tehran is ready to send missiles to Moscow, that the US could launch “economic sanctions and possible export controls”, but also on “third parties that they help Tehran and Moscow “.

To which he then addressed directly: “Make the necessary checks, because we will sanction anyone who is helping the Iranians to help the Russians to kill the Ukrainians”.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also accused Tehran of being “complicit” in the Russian invasion in light of the growing number of Iranian kamikaze drones used by Moscow forces. Iran, however, has denied selling arms to Russia for use against Kyiv.