“Three hours of pain and suffering”, the longest execution ever in the US
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“Three hours of pain and suffering”, the longest execution ever in the US

The death row inmate was named Joe Nathan James Jr., age 50. The sentence in Alabama. The complaint of an NGO: “Incapable staff and heartbreaking procedure”.

“Three hours of pain and suffering” in what may have been “the longest run ever”. Joe Nathan James Jr., 50, was killed by lethal injection on July 28; he was sentenced to death and the sentence was carried out in the state of Alabama. Scheduled for 18, it was postponed until 21.04, but the man was not declared dead before 21.27.

And now the complaint has come from the non-profit association Reprieve, a human rights group that has funded an independent autopsy that, according to Atlantic, has already shown that “something terrible was done to James while he was tied to a stretcher behind a closed doors “.

“Subjecting a prisoner to three hours of pain and suffering is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment,” Reprieve US director Maya Foa said Sunday. “States cannot continue to pretend that the aberrant practice of lethal injection is in any way humane.”

For his part, prison commissioner John Hamm stressed that “nothing extraordinary” would lead to the delay and rejected the association’s speculations that the detainee was sedated before execution.

But some medical experts cited by Reprieve concluded, also on the basis of the photos of the corpse, that the injection team “was not qualified” and probably operated with “gross incompetence”.

The autopsy would have indicated that “the execution began hours before media witnesses were allowed to enter the room” where the injection was given, when they were “locked in a prison van without their phones” and when a reporter had to change to a longer skirt. James “essentially underwent two executions: a harrowing procedure behind closed doors and then a theatrical performance for witnesses,” accused Reprieve.