Today Putin turns 70, Patriarch Kirill: “Pray for his health”

Today Putin turns 70, Patriarch Kirill: “Pray for his health”

It will be a bitter birthday for the number one of the Kremlin: very few reasons to celebrate with the military forces of Russia are retreating in the territories of southeastern Ukraine.

Today, October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin turns 70. A considerable personal achievement, but one that comes at a particularly complicated moment. Now isolated from the international point of view and with the Russian forces increasingly entangled in the territories of southeastern Ukraine.

It is therefore difficult for Putin to spend the day, as he did in 2019, with the no longer favorite Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu fishing and looking for mushrooms in Siberia. Also in 2014, Putin celebrated in the taiga and the following year he indulged in a game of hockey with the Zvezdy NHL team, with the audience chanting “happy birthday”.

And in all of this there is no shortage of rumors about a possible Putin disease. It is no coincidence that the patriarch of the Orthodox Church Kirill invited the Russians and the clergy to “pray for the health” of the president of Russia. It can be read on the website of the Russian Orthodox Church, which has prepared two different prayers, reports the UNIAN agency.

“Patriarch Kirill considered it necessary that all believers offer a diligent prayer on this day for the health of the Russian head of state”, the message reads. “The priests will pray for the health of the president on his birthday, 7 October, and the next day, when Sergius of Radonezh is celebrated “, one of the most beloved saints in Russia.

The patriarch invites in particular to “a special litany”.

“After the petitions for Holy Russia: We also beg you, the Lord our God, for the Head of State of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich, and for the hedgehog to give him the rich mercy and your generosity, to grant him health and long life, and from all resistance of visible and invisible enemies free, in the wisdom and strength of the spiritual affirm, with the help of all, Lord, listen and have mercy; – many years: a prosperous and peaceful life, health and salvation and good haste in everything, give the Lord to the now honored Head of the Russian state Vladimir Vladimirovich, the power, the army and the people of our homeland protected by God and save them for many good years! “.