Ukraine, 007 British confident:”Russians towards withdrawal from Kherson, difficult situation for them”

Ukraine, 007 British confident:”Russians towards withdrawal from Kherson, difficult situation for them”

According to British intelligence, as revealed in its daily update on the war in Ukraine, it is possible that the Russians will withdraw from Kherson where “a difficult situation has emerged”.

The Russian troops would be ready to withdraw from Kherson, the city in south-eastern Ukraine in the homonymous region annexed to Russia with the referendum at the end of September, considered illegal by the international community. This is what US and UK military analysts have said based on recent statements by the Russian military.

Specifically, in today’s update published on Twitter by British Defense Intelligence, it is recalled that two days ago “General Sergei Surovikin, recently appointed commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine, revealed to the Russian media that” a situation has emerged difficult in the Kherson area “and” approved the plans previously announced by the occupation authorities for the evacuation of the civilian population. “

According to London analysts, “Surovikin’s announcement highlighting negative news about the special military operation is particularly unusual.” For this reason, it is likely that “the Russian authorities are seriously considering a major withdrawal of their forces from the area west of the Dnipro River”. To implement it, with the bridges damaged, the temporary bridge “completed in recent days near Kherson” will probably be used, as well as “military units of ferries on pontoons, which continue to operate in various locations”.

Analysts from the American Institute for the Study of War also believe that “the Russian authorities are creating the information conditions to justify the planned Russian retreats and the significant territorial losses in the Oblast” of Kherson, where the evacuation of the civilians (“In the very near future the battle for Kherson will begin – wrote Stremousov, deputy head of the regional administration, on Telegram – The civilian population is advised to leave the area in view of the imminent fierce hostilities, if possible, to avoid exposing oneself to unnecessary risks “), and martial law was imposed by a decree signed by Putin.

For their part, the Russian troops do not want to give up one step. “The Russian army will fight to the death in Kherson” is the challenge launched by the pro-Moscow authorities occupying the region.