Ukraine, break through Russian lines in Kherson: Putin prepares for nuclear test

Ukraine, break through Russian lines in Kherson: Putin prepares for nuclear test

The latest news of today 4 October on the war in Ukraine: Ukrainian forces have broken through the Russian lines in Kherson. The Kiev counter-offensive continues after the liberation of the city of Lyman. Meanwhile, President Putin is allegedly preparing a nuclear test on the borders of Ukraine.

The counter-offensive continues in the Kherson region, where Kiev troops broke through the Russian lines this morning. Confirmation also comes from the pro-Russian authorities who admit the advance of Ukrainian forces in the south of the country but also in Donbass and Lugansk.

Ukrainians break through in Kherson: the confirmation of Russia

The pro-Russian leader of the Kherson Oblast, a region annexed to Russia, Vladimir Saldo, confirmed that the army of Kiev had broken through near Dudchany, a town on the Dnipro River, about thirty kilometers east of the previous front line. According to the oblast leader, two Ukrainian battalions are trying to reach the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant, 70 km east of the capital city of Kherson. According to what is learned from rumors coming from the front, the Ukrainian troops are advancing at great speed thanks to a consistent numerical superiority.

The Ukrainian army had attempted a massive frontal offensive against the Russian-occupied portion of the Kherson region in early September, but after some partial successes it was pushed back, and the front seemed to stabilize along the Inhulets. In the middle of last month, Ukrainian forces had suddenly launched a lightning offensive in the northeastern part of the country, liberating large areas of the Kharkiv oblast in a matter of days.

Ukrainian war, why Kherson is important to Putin

The counter-offensive comes just a day after the liberation of the town of Lyman, an important hub occupied by the Russians in the east of the country, while Ukrainian President Zelensky speaks of “new settlements liberated in various regions”. Losing Kherson would represent a major strategic defeat for Russia in the war in Ukraine: the region acts as a buffer for the defense of Crimea, and is also essential to supply it with drinking water.

Putin prepares for a nuclear test

Meanwhile, Putin is preparing his armed forces to carry out a nuclear test on the borders of Ukraine. This was revealed by the British Times which cited a report sent by NATO to the member states. This is an intelligence report in which it warns of possible actions by Moscow including that of testing the Poseidon submarine drone equipped with an atomic warhead. According to other sources, a Russian military train from the nuclear division has left for Ukraine: the unit is responsible for nuclear munitions, their storage and maintenance according to analyst Konrad Muzyka.