Ukraine calls for Russia to be excluded from the G20 summit

Ukraine calls for Russia to be excluded from the G20 summit

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Oleg Nikolenko, has called on the group of 20 largest economies in the world to expel Russia and cancel the invitation of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to the G20 summit.

In a tweet on November 1, he said that Putin’s public admission that he ordered the missile attacks on Ukrainian civilians and energy infrastructure meant that “his hands [are] stained in blood” and that “he should not be allowed to sit at the table with world leaders.”

This summit will be held in November in Bali, Indonesia, which currently holds the G20 presidency.

Jakarta came under pressure from the West not to invite Putin to the G20 meeting after Indonesia announced in April that it had invited the Russian leader.

But Indonesia has maintained a neutral position, calling for a peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine, and Widodo earlier this year visited both Kiev and Moscow.

Indonesia has also invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the summit in an effort to find a compromise between Moscow and Kiev.

Zelensky, whose country is not among the world’s 20 largest economies, has said he will attend the summit, at least via video link.