Ukraine, Moscow dictates the conditions for a peace negotiation: “The US should listen to our concerns”

Ukraine, Moscow dictates the conditions for a peace negotiation: “The US should listen to our concerns”

Moscow sets the conditions for the start of a peace agreement in Ukraine. It all depends on the “willingness of the United States to listen to our concerns,” said Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin.

New requests for a peace negotiation arrive from Moscow. A negotiation on Ukraine between the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, could only begin if the US listens to Moscow’s concerns, showing that it wants to return to the discussion on security guarantees. This is what the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dimitrij Peskov specified, in an excerpt of an interview with the television broadcaster ‘Rossija 1’, published on his Telegram channel by the journalist Pavel Zarubin.

Asked about what could be a platform for negotiations, Peskov replied: “The desire of the United States to listen to our concerns”. “If this is, in fact, the desire of the United States to return to the state of December-January (before the start of the special military operation) and ask the question: what the Russians offer may not be suitable for all of us, but maybe it is worth sitting with them at the negotiating table? “, added the Kremlin spokesman.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also stressed that the Russian Federation is ready to open a dialogue with the West to reduce tensions, “but only if realistic proposals based on equal approaches are received”. “We are always ready to listen to our Western colleagues if they make another request to organize a dialogue. I hope that in addition to reproducing in contacts through diplomatic departments and other channels what they say publicly with propaganda fervor, they can offer us some serious approaches that they will help defuse tensions and take full account of the interests of the Russian Federation and its security, “Lavrov said in an interview for the film ‘The World on the Brink. Lessons from the Caribbean Crisis’, aired on the first Russian television channel.

Meanwhile, the High Representative of the European Union for foreign and security policy, Josep Borrell, calls on Moscow to revoke the decision to suspend the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports across the Black Sea, because “it jeopardizes the main route of export of cereals and fertilizers, much needed to address the global food crisis caused by its war against Ukraine, “he wrote on Twitter. “The EU urges Russia to revoke its decision,” he added.