Ukraine war; Russia, Kyiv on the attack for the first time: offensive in Kherson, heavy clashes

Ukraine war; Russia, Kyiv on the attack for the first time: offensive in Kherson, heavy clashes

The Ukrainian armed forces went on the counterattack by unleashing an offensive across the Kherson front with heavy fighting. Moscow denies any retreat and speaks of the failure of the offensive.

For the first time since the beginning of the invasion and the Ukrainian-Russia War, Kiev’s armed forces have gone on the counterattack by unleashing an offensive across the Kherson Front with heavy fighting aimed at driving the Russians back across the Dnieper River. This is a very difficult operation that could establish the fate of the war in Ukraine once and for all but which will inevitably cost thousands of victims.

For several hours, the Ukrainian army has launched a series of attacks in southern Ukraine, to regain control of the town at the mouth of the Dnieper River captured by the Russians at the beginning of the war. In fact, Kherson is a strategic center that allows the control of river flows and only one hundred kilometers from Crimea, where there are the Russian command centers.

Thanks also to the western artillery, the Ukrainians are pounding the Russian positions with heavy bombardments and there are clashes over almost the entire territory of Kherson. The news from the front, however, is obviously conflicting. According to Oleksiy Arestovych, advisor to Ukrainian President Zelensky, Ukrainian troops have broken through Russian defenses in various areas of the front, warning however that there will be no quick victory in the south of the country. “An active phase of the liberation of the south from the Russian invaders has begun. This is a slow and planned operation to crush the enemy, saving the lives of our military and civilians,” said Arestovych.

There were “strong explosions yesterday and throughout the night in the Kherson region. Heavy fighting is taking place over almost the entire territory of the region,” the Ukrainian presidency said in its morning briefing, adding that Ukrainian troops “have launched actions. offensive in various directions “. From Kiev they report that Ukrainian forces hit Russian ammunition depots and destroyed many equipment, including the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems

Moscow for its part denies any retreat of its troops and speaks of the failure of the Ukrainian offensive. “The offensive launched by Ukrainian forces in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions failed miserably,” the Russian defense ministry said, arguing that the Ukrainians suffered heavy losses.

Moscow has reported that the Ukrainian army has lost more than 1,200 men in the past 24 hours in its attempt to launch an offensive in the Mikolayev-Krivoi Rog area, a few tens of kilometers north of Kherson, reporting that Ukrainian soldiers died they belonged to the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade, which had been relocated from western Ukraine to participate in the offensive. The Russian “special operation” in Ukraine “continues in an orderly manner, proceeds according to plan and all objectives will be achieved”. This was stated by the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, in a press point.

Meanwhile, Russia has reportedly transferred a battery of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles from Syria to a port near Crimea in an attempt to strengthen its defenses. Haaretz reported this, citing satellite images captured by the Israeli company ImageSat International.

According to the pro-Russian authorities in Kherson, the city was heavily bombed by Ukraine and was left without water and electricity. “Over one hundred missiles on Kherson” declared the head of the Russian administration of the region, Vladimir Leontiev, explaining that the situation in the Kherson area is “tense” because “There have been not single attacks, but a series of raids”

Meanwhile, Kiev and Moscow accuse each other of having bombed the area where the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) are expected in the coming days. The team of inspectors arrived in Kyiv in view of the start of the mission to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant which should take place between Wednesday and Saturday.

From the Moscow Ministry of Defense they state that the radiation level in the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant remains normal and accuse the Kyiv troops of having fired two artillery shells that fell in the complex. Kyiv, on the other hand, claims that Moscow bombs corridors for the Aiea mission to Zaporizhzhia to force inspectors to pass through Crimea and the territories occupied by the Russians.