US, 9-year-old boy shoots and kills a 15-year-old in the street
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US, 9-year-old boy shoots and kills a 15-year-old in the street

A 9-year-old boy shot a 15-year-old girl to death. It happened in Baltimore, Maryland. The child was playing with a relative’s gun.

Another tragedy related to the use of weapons in the United States: the protagonist is a 9-year-old boy who killed a 15-year-old girl in Baltimore, Maryland.

The kid was playing with a loaded pistol in front of the home of a relative who works as an armed security guard.

An accidentally fired bullet hit Nykayla Strawder, just 15, who was standing on her porch in Edmondson Village, Baltimore’s southeast neighborhood.

The teenager was shot in the head and died shortly after in a local hospital.

According to the Baltimore Sun, immediately after the shot was fired, the boy dropped the firearm and escaped.

“I want the children to be safe, get rid of these guns – Nykerah Strawder, the mother of the young victim, told the press in tears. I lost my daughter and she will never be the same again”.

victim Nykayla Strawder

Meanwhile, in the US, teachers are on the increase who are buying firearms in view of returning to school after the shooting in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

School staff were asked to train to be able to handle a weapon in the event of an attack.

Texas has passed The Guardian Plan, which allows school employees to carry guns to school. The provision is valid from 1st August.

One in three districts participates in an experimental program that involves some staff members of the institute patrolling the armed corridors.

Ohio wanted a similar measure in July. Anti-gun organizations have stressed that teachers must undergo training of only 24 hours. Just enough time to go to the shooting range, fire a few shots and quickly study the laws governing the use of force.