US elections, Biden celebrates the success of the Democrats
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US elections, Biden celebrates the success of the Democrats

Americans eagerly awaited the final outcome of the US midterm elections, as President Joe Biden celebrated what he said was his party’s success in fending off a Republican “red wave”. Republicans looked set to win a majority in the House of Representatives, but came away with a much smaller victory than they had hoped and pollsters predicted.

If current predictions hold true, Tuesday’s midterm elections could mark the best performance by a sitting president in two decades.

In the Senate, Democrats won a hotly contested seat held by John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, taking it after the most expensive Senate race in US history.

The final makeup of Congress now hinges on three Senate seats: Arizona and Nevada, where vote counting could take several more days, and Georgia, where the runoff is scheduled for Dec. 6.

Biden did not wait for the final results of the vote to celebrate, taking pleasure in avoiding the much larger expected setback as Republicans turned the campaign on his failure to tackle rising inflation.

Addressing reporters at the White House, Biden reiterated his “intention” to run for a second term in 2024. And promised a final decision “early next year.”

Donald Trump, the former US president who had bet on a landslide Republican victory to announce his re-election bid, had to admit that the results of the mid-term elections were “somewhat disappointing.”