US, Nebraska: 42-year-old kills neighbors and then sets their homes on fire
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US, Nebraska: 42-year-old kills neighbors and then sets their homes on fire

A 42-year-old killed his neighbors and then set their apartments on fire. The bodies were found by firefighters who intervened to put out the fires. It happened in Nebraska, in the USA.

He killed 4 people and then set their homes on fire. For this, a 42-year-old was arrested in Laurel, Nebraska, a small town on the border with Iowa and South Dakota.

Jason Jones, 42, lived in the house opposite the two set on fire: the man was found in his apartment with burns on various parts of his body. The reasons for the insane gesture are not clear.

Everything happened on Friday evening when the police intervened together with the firefighters in the town of Laurel which has less than a thousand inhabitants. Two houses on fire and partially destroyed. At the end of the operations to extinguish the fires, the agents found the body in a man inside his home. In the second house, a few meters away from the first, the police found the lifeless bodies of other people.

At that point, the investigations began which led shortly after to the arrest of 42-year-old Jason A. Jones, now suspected of “quadruple homicide”, as announced by Colonel of the State Police of Nebraska, John Bolduc. Jones was found in his home, not far from the two fires, and had severe burns on most of his body. He was flown to a hospital in Lincoln, the state capital. The man is currently in hospital and has not yet been officially indicted. Bolduc, however, assured that with his arrest “the community is now safer, everyone here knows everyone”.