US to China: “Russian aggression condemned in Ukraine” | UK: “Moscow mobilizes new troops, but obsolete weapons”

US to China: “Russian aggression condemned in Ukraine” | UK: “Moscow mobilizes new troops, but obsolete weapons”

On the sidelines of the Bali G20, US Secretary of State Blinken asked his Chinese counterpart Wang to stigmatize Moscow’s attack on Kiev. Tensions also over Taiwan, then the relaxing words: “Useful and constructive talks”. Meanwhile, the Russian offensive in Donbass and in the South Ukraine continues

An interview defined as “constructive” and “useful” for improving relations, but there was no lack of warning about Ukraine and Taiwan. This is how the meeting between the United States and China could be summarized on the Indonesian island of Bali, on the sidelines of the G20. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken asked his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi to “condemn the Russian aggression” and expressed concern over the Taiwan issue. Precisely on this point Beijing does not yield at all, and orders Washington not to hinder “peaceful reunification” with the island, which it considers an “inalienable” part of its territory.

American concerns – “I said again that we are concerned about the alignment of the People’s Republic of China with Russia,” Blinken reported after the summit. “This is really the time when we all need to stand up, as one G20 country after another has done, to condemn the aggression and demand, among other things, that Russia allow access to food. stuck in Ukraine, “he added. On Taiwan, Blinken speaks of “Beijing’s increasingly provocative rhetoric and activities”, referring among other things to the incursion of nine Chinese army aircraft into the island’s “aerial identification zone” in the past few hours.

China’s response – On Ukraine, at the moment, Beijing continues to be silent, although it does not appear to have ever supplied Russia with weapons to support the invasion. On Taiwan, however, he does not retreat: “Since the United States has promised not to support Taiwan’s independence, they should stop emptying and distorting the policy of the One China,” Wang said in a statement.

The recomposition – Beyond the usual skirmishes, both countries believe that the conversation had been constructive. “Despite the complexity of our relationship, I can say with some confidence that our delegations can find today’s discussions useful and sincere,” said Blinken. This is echoed by Beijing, which in a note speaks of a “complete, thorough, frank” and fruitful conversation to improve bilateral relations “in the long term”. In this regard, the US secretary of state does not notice “any sign” of cooperation on the part of Moscow.

Mykolaiv hit – Meanwhile, the Russian offensive in Donbass and southern Ukraine continues. In the last 24 hours, several missiles have fallen on Mykolaiv, causing “the wounding of at least 24 civilians”. This was announced on Telegram by the head of the Regional Council Hanna Zamazeyeva, quoted by Ukrinform. “The occupiers continue to bomb the Mykolaiv region. Attacks have been recorded in the villages of Bereznehuvate, Bashtanka, Pervomaisk and in the community of Ochakiv,” she added.

Bombs on Sumy – The northeastern region of Sumy is also under bombs. According to the head of the regional military administration Dmytro Zhivytskyi, “after seven in the morning a Russian helicopter fired two rockets at the Bilopolsk community. And at seven thirty five rockets from multiple launch systems were fired at Khotynsk. seven and forty another helicopter bombed the community of Myropil “.

Obsolete armaments – Meanwhile, in the daily war update, British intelligence announced that Russia is positioning reservists near the Ukrainian border for possible future offensives. However, the report points out, most of the new infantry units have outdated equipment. The armored vehicles are indeed dated, originally designed in the 1950s as artillery transport tractors and have limited armor. Instead, it is the front-line assault units that use modern vehicles, with armor up to 33mm, a 30mm cannon and an anti-tank missile launcher.