United States, “UFO sighters” will be protected from anonymity
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United States, “UFO sighters” will be protected from anonymity

An alleged UFO photographed in Passaic, New Jersey on July 31, 1952

An amendment to the defense law will allow military and contractors to report suspicious incidents without incurring penalties, which can go to jail

An American congressman obsessed with UFOs introduced an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act to offer whistleblowers anonymity of sightings of unidentified flying objects and other similar phenomena.

Republican Mike Gallagher hopes that, with this change, soldiers and contractors will be pressured to share details of unexplained phenomena they witness on the battlefield but are required not to disclose.

According to The Drive, this could be a way to flesh out the increasingly persistent rumors of evidence of extraterrestrial life in the hands of the government. Those who come forward, thanks to anonymity, would not break the laws on military secrets and would be safe from the consequences, including prison.

The idea that the United States has had secret dealings with aliens is an old workhorse of Senator Gallagher. Pentagon officials have long denied that there was a dossier of evidence regarding alien life. The Pentagon itself, however, in 2020 published a series of videos in which military fighter pilots signaled “something moving” in their view, but it has been specified, it was not possible to demonstrate with certainty that the events were due to an alien raid.