Voting centers open in some parts of the U.S.
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Voting centers open in some parts of the U.S.

Voting centers in the so-called midterm elections, in which Americans today choose new representatives for Congress, governors and representatives of local governments, are open in several parts of the US.

During the early voting period, more than 40 million citizens expressed their will, the Guardian reports.

Americans elect 435 representatives in the lower house of Congress – the House of Representatives, 35 representatives out of 100 in the upper house – the Senate, as well as 36 state governors, along with other local officials.

Republicans need five seats to win a majority in the House and just one more to take control of the Senate.

These midterm elections, so called because they “fall” halfway through the presidential term, will also be a real referendum on the current administration of President Joe Biden, which is facing numerous challenges at a time of great polarization of society. american.