Washington’s fears: what if China takes over the moon?

Washington’s fears: what if China takes over the moon?

NASA accuses the Chinese of wanting to colonize it and exclude the rest of humanity from the satellite. Beijing denies and attacks the US

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In an interview with the German newspaper Bild, NASA administrator Bill Nelson denounced China’s space aims. According to him, the dragon intends to destroy the satellites of other countries to take control of the moon. A sharp denial has come from Beijing, but the space race with the United States is set to intensify in the coming months.

NASA statements – Bill Nelson, former Democratic Senator from Florida and current NASA administrator, said he was very worried that China could land on the moon “and say now it’s ours, you have to stay out of it”. According to Nelson, Beijing will militarily claim ownership of the satellite and prevent other countries from exploring it.

Beijing’s response – The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian refuted the accusations: “This is not the first time that the head of NASA ignores the facts and speaks irresponsibly about China”. He then added that the US “has constantly built a smear campaign against our normal and reasonable activities in space”.

The space race – China has significantly stepped up its space program over the past decade and became the second country to land on lunar soil at the end of 2020. For this reason, the Americans are thinking of returning their astronauts to the moon, for the first time since the last mission in 1972. Meanwhile, the Chinese plan to complete the construction of their lunar station by 2035.

Possible developments – Legally, any colonization of the satellite would be prevented by an Outer Space Treaty adopted in 1967 and signed by 134 countries, including China. Assuming that there is no real intention to militarize the Moon, NASA has in any case allocated 93 billion dollars for the next space missions, counting among other things on the economic support of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and that of Tesla Elon Musk. the two richest men in the world.