Weather: in the UK risk 40 degrees, never seen before.

Weather: in the UK risk 40 degrees, never seen before.

Exceptional heat rising from France to the British Isles, not excluding peaks of 40 degrees never recorded in these areas

The great heat explodes on part of Europe, in the context of a summer 2022 marked by continuous weather anomalies. June was the second hottest in history on the Old Continent since the start of surveys, but July is certainly not disappointing expectations.

After a small respite, the African anticyclone once again established itself as the absolute master of the scene. For days, the heat has been raging especially on the south-western European area, where temperatures have pushed up to peaks of 46-47 degrees between Spain and Portugal.

The hot air mass is now expected to rise northwards, towards France and then breakthrough in full on the United Kingdom. This comeback of the African heat at high latitudes will be driven by the Portuguese low pressure, in slow progression towards east north / east.

Temperatures could soar to exceptional levels early in the week right over the UK. The hot bubble will bring the temperature at high altitude to values even higher than 15 degrees compared to normal for the period.

Record storico di caldo a rischio

Projections indicate that the mercury column could go up to peaks of 37-38 degrees on some sectors of Central-Eastern England. These are completely off-scale values, if we consider that the historical record is + 38.7 ° C in Cambrigde, although recently established in Summer 2019.

However, some peaks even up to 40 degrees are not excluded, even in the surroundings of London, as has never been seen in history since the beginning of surveys. The Met Office Service has issued a red alert, with maximum risk due to the arrival of extreme heat on England and Wales.

There is concern for the health of the most vulnerable people, so much so that the UK Health Safety Agency has issued a level 4 health warning, the maximum possible “health warning” for the first two days of next year. week.

In these areas we are not ready to face such a climate, it is as if half of Italy were struggling with peaks close to 45 degrees. However, this exceptional heat wave is expected to end by Wednesday, with the return of cooler Atlantic currents.