What do we know about Lola, the 12-year-old found in a trunk in Paris: the cut throat, 2 numbers on the body

What do we know about Lola, the 12-year-old found in a trunk in Paris: the cut throat, 2 numbers on the body

Horror in Paris: the girl was found tied in a plastic container and with her throat cut. Four people were arrested, among them there is a woman who approached the victim in the house.

It is a horror story that comes from Paris, where on Friday evening the lifeless body of a 12-year-old girl, whose disappearance had been reported a few hours earlier by her family, was found locked in a suitcase and hidden in the courtyard of the building where he lived.

That little girl – the local media are providing new details on the incident – was called Lola and, as it turns out, she was found with her throat slit. She was killed in the French capital while she was returning from the Georges-Brassens school that she attended at home, a very short journey she took every day. In the building where she lived, in the 19th arrondissement, her father works as a doorman.

Terrible information leaked from sources of the investigation, cited by Bfm TV: Lola’s head would have been almost detached and two numbers would have been found on the body, the digits 1 and 0. Two numbers that have not been written or engraved, but “affixed” with the help of some tool. The investigators do not know, for the moment, the meaning of these figures.

The corpse, with tied arms and legs, was in a paper-covered plastic container. Next to this trunk there were two other suitcases whose contents are not known.

Already on Saturday morning the French media had communicated that four people had been arrested in relation to this affair: it is now learned that one of these is a woman seen in the images of a surveillance camera. In particular, a camera filmed the young Lola returning yesterday afternoon after school in the entrance hall of the building: a young woman of about 20 approached her (who none of the inhabitants of the building would have recognized).

This woman would have motioned to the girl to follow her and she would have obeyed, even if she seemed uncomfortable and have a worried look according to the reconstruction of the local media. At that point, no one would see Lola again.

Later a woman – who could be the same one immortalized before her – asked a resident to help her carry a heavy suitcase to a car. This woman ended up under interrogation. Among the other three arrested, according to what is learned, there is the homeless man who, shortly before midnight, found the container with the body not far from the door. He would not be suspected but listened to as a witness.

An investigation has been opened on the case for the murder of a minor and the result of the autopsy that will be carried out on the girl’s body is awaited.

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