What is the partial mobilization announced by Putin in Russia and what it entails

What is the partial mobilization announced by Putin in Russia and what it entails

“There is no mobilization of students and young people. Russia will call 300,000 reservists, ”explained Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, speaking after Putin.

In Russia, partial military mobilization starts today to recruit other soldiers for the war in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin announced in his eagerly awaited speech to the nation. Therefore a total mobilization that had frightened even the Russian citizens in the past few hours has been averted, but what does this partial mobilization mean and what does it entail?

This is a mobilization that in practice calls the reservists of the armed forces of Moscow back into service. Putin explained that he has already signed the partial military mobilization decree with immediate effect. In the next few hours, therefore, the first reservists will already be summoned but a few weeks will pass to see them in action.

Putin in fact explained that those called up for military service in Russia, before being sent to the department, will certainly undergo additional military training.

However, only citizens who are in reserve and those who had previously performed military service under contract will be called into service. According to the Kremlin, those who have served in the ranks of the armed forces and in possession of certain specialties and qualifications, with relative experience, which may be useful in war, or with combat experience, will be called.

Russia will call 300,000 reservists. But they will not be summoned immediately, but in several stages, ”said Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, speaking after Putin.

There is no mobilization of students and young people. Of course, this also applies to all those who serve in the military service, they too will not be affected by the mobilization. Because we have a huge resource of men. We have nearly 25 million people. Just over 1% is subject to partial mobilization, ”added the Russian Defense Minister.

Putin also spoke of increasing the production of ammunition and weapons systems, assuring that every effort will go in this direction and calling on the government to resolve issues relating to materials, resources and financial support for the companies of the defence.

In his speech, Putin once again stirred the specter of the atomic weapon in response to what he calls the “nuclear blackmail” of the West. “We have many weapons with which to respond and we will use all means available to defend our people“, threatened Putin.

We are at war not so much with Ukraine as with the West. Because the weapons that Ukraine had are effectively exhausted, they were former Soviet weapons. Many, especially the European governments, have handed over all their weapons to Ukraine” he said. I support Shoigu.

According to the defense minister of Moscow, the losses of the Ukrainian army amounted to 61,000 dead and 49,000 wounded, while the Russian soldiers killed in the battle would be only 5937, according to the calculations of the Kremlin.