When booking a flight, it’s important to choose the right seat, the good seats and the bad seats

When booking a flight, it’s important to choose the right seat, the good seats and the bad seats

After decades of traveling the world as a flight attendant, Beth Windsor shares the good and bad seats on airplanes.

Even the smallest details – such as proximity to exits, kitchens or toilets can have a big impact on the travel experience. And these are the best and worst places to sit on a plane:

The best places to sit on a plane

Emergency exit queue

These seats usually come with an extra charge, so it’s less likely that someone will sit next to you here. They are great for tall passengers as they offer more legroom.

The places near the doors are usually cold because of the outside air. You must also agree to use the exit doors and help other passengers in an emergency.

The row near the exit is where travelers most often congregate during the flight to stretch their legs.

During take-off and landing, you must place all your belongings in the overhead compartment.

Rows with two seats

Some planes are designed to have two seats in a row (one by the window and one in the aisle), allowing more space between you and your companion.

The front part

Sitting in the front of the plane often makes for a smooth ride.

The crew usually starts serving food and drink in the front rows before moving towards the back of the plane, making it more likely that you’ll be able to choose your meal rather than being forced to pick up what’s left.

The middle part of the plane

This section is located right above the wing, the most stable part of the plane and the center of lift, so sitting here allows for optimal steering if the plane encounters turbulence.

Possible disadvantages:

This area tends to be a bit noisier due to the position of the aircraft engines.

Any place near the window

The window seat is the best seat on the plane. It offers beautiful, relaxing views that are ideal distractions if you’re nervous about flying.

They won’t bother you if they get up from their seat. You can sleep peacefully and even rest your head on the window glass.

The worst places to sit on a plane

Seats directly in front of or behind the bulkhead (the wall between business and economy class).

If you are behind the first part, you usually have to put all the things in the upper compartment, because there is no room in front of you.

There is no tray table that you can leave open when it suits you. Instead, you should ask the crew for a separate table for your seat.

It’s also where baby carriages are often placed, so if you don’t want to hear a baby crying during the flight, think twice about choosing a seat behind the headrest.

Another disadvantage is that the seats directly in front of the partition cannot be reclined.

Potential advantage:

If it bothers you that people put their seats in your space or push yours every time they use their desk, then the seat behind or in front of the partition is just for you.

Seats near the toilet

There will be a constant crowd around your seat with passengers queuing for the toilet.

You won’t be able to hide from the sounds of the toilet flushing, bright lights and unpleasant smells.

Potential advantage:

If you are in this place, you probably won’t have to wait in line for the toilet.

Sitting next to the kitchen

In the galley, the crew prepares all meals and refreshments during the flight. They are usually located at the front and rear of the aircraft, but some larger aircraft also have a galley in the middle.

Everything is stored in metal boxes and carts, so the area around the kitchen can be very noisy. In addition, people usually talk there, which adds to the noise.

At least one crew member is on duty throughout the flight, meaning the lights will be on at all times.

The back of the plane

The back of the plane is definitely the worst place to sit for passengers who can’t stand turbulence because it’s far from the plane’s center of flight and gravity.

This section can also be very noisy as some aircraft in this section have engines and auxiliary power units that make a lot of noise.