Which new weapons will Zelensky ask to his allies?

Which new weapons will Zelensky ask to his allies?

The President of Ukraine, Zelensky, will ask today the leaders of the G7 virtually gathered for an emergency meeting for new and more sophisticated weapons to deal with the threat from Russia after the missile rain that fell yesterday on Kiev and other cities: among them, long-range rockets and, above all, sophisticated air defense systems.

New and more sophisticated weapons.

This is the request that Ukrainian President Zelensky will make today to the leaders of the G7, who at 2 pm will virtually gather for an emergency meeting, to face the Russian threat after yesterday’s attacks on Kiev and other cities, including Lviv. , Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia, as Vladimir Putin’s response to the blow to the Kerch bridge, which connects Russia to the Crimean peninsula.

In total, 19 people died and another 105 were injured in the rain of missiles that fell on Ukrainian cities.

Zelensky is therefore ready to ask for a profound change in Western support, which according to Kiev is constantly lagging behind Ukraine’s needs to defend its territory and its people.

“We are dealing with terrorists – the Ukrainian president repeated yesterday in one of the video messages posted on his social media accounts -. They have two objectives: energy infrastructures and people”.

On the other hand, the French President Emmanuel Macron also commented on yesterday’s attacks stating that “we are in the presence of a profound change in the nature of the conflict”.

UN Secretary General António Guterres also said he was “deeply shocked” by the attacks, his spokesman said, adding: “This constitutes another unacceptable escalation of the war and, as always, civilians are paying the price. higher”.

But what weapons is Zelensky talking about, specifically?

In his “wish list”, as the British newspaper The Guardian called it, there are primarily anti-aircraft systems and long-range missiles.

Germany announced on Monday that it would accelerate delivery of an infrared air defense system called the Iris-T, saying the first of four batteries would arrive within days.

The United States also promised two advanced short- and medium-range ground air defense systems (Nasams) in July, and a US defense official told the Washington Post they should arrive within weeks.

Just Zelensky, after yesterday’s attacks, posted a tweet in which he explained that he had spoken with his American counterpart, Joe Biden: “Air defense is currently the number 1 priority in our defense cooperation – he wrote -. We also need the leadership of the United States with the tough stance of the G7 and with the support of our resolution [of the UN General Assembly]. “

After the phone call between the two, the White House released a statement stating that Biden “has pledged to continue to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to defend itself, including advanced air defense systems,” but it is unclear. if he were referring to the Nasams already promised.

The answer could come already in the next few hours, not only from the G7 meeting but also from Brussels, where the US Defense Minister, Lloyd Austin, and the Chief of Staff, Mark Milley, will lead the summit of the approximately 50 countries that have accepted. to send weapons to the Ukrainian resistance.