Why Putin could declare victory in Ukraine before 7 October

Why Putin could declare victory in Ukraine before 7 October

According to Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion and Kremlin opponent, Putin could declare victory over Ukraine before 7 October, the day he will turn 70.

October 7, 2022 could be one of the dates to mark on the calendar regarding the evolution of the Russian war in Ukraine. This is what former world chess champion and Kremlin opponent Garry Kasparov said.

According to Kasparov, the Russian announcement of the victory will come “by October 7, for Putin’s birthday, dictators are very fond of anniversaries, he will be 70 years old, I think the declaration is scheduled for this date”. In his opinion in Moscow “a certain common sense has taken hold”, and it has been reached the conclusion “that it is not possible to win the war to the extent foreseen, therefore it is necessary to arrange territorial acquisitions and conduct negotiations from a position of strength”, he said. Kasparov explained.

At the moment, however, the situation is not very easy for Moscow. As the British Ministry of Defense pointed out in its daily social media report of the war in Ukraine, while “inconclusive fighting continues in both Donbass and Kherson, Russian commanders continue to face a dilemma: whether to use resources for the offensive in the East or strengthen the defense in the West “.

In recent days, British intelligence explained, “a Russian facility for the refueling and refurbishment of military vehicles has been identified near Barvinok, in Belgorod Oblast, 10 km from the Ukrainian border”. It contained “at least 300 damaged vehicles, including main tanks, armored personnel carriers and general support trucks.”

This, according to London, suggests that “in addition to well-documented personnel problems, Russia probably continues to struggle to extract and repair the thousands of combat vehicles that have been damaged in action in Ukraine.”