Woman killed in street; husband tracked down. Her sister: “Ignore her requests for help”

Woman killed in street; husband tracked down. Her sister: “Ignore her requests for help”

Bernice Cassar, mother of two, was 40 years old and originally from Qrendi, in the southwest of the island of Malta. The murder would have arrived at the culmination of a quarrel with her partner, the umpteenth of her.

A woman was shot and killed in Malta, in the industrial area of Corradino, around 8 o’clock near the Mcast university campus (arts, science and technology) just south of Valletta. Bernice Cassar, a mother of two, was 40 and originally from Qrendi in the southwest of the island.

Police sources said the murder culminated in an argument with her partner and that the woman had already filed a domestic violence complaint. The police, with the help of cameras covering almost 90% of the Maltese road network, went to the victim’s home where the suspected man was traced.

As reported by the Times Of India, armed officers were seen outside her home and a police negotiator spoke with her husband, trying to convince him to turn himself in. The man reportedly made posts on social media following the murder.

The victim’s relatives quickly arrived near his home. An elderly woman, the 40-year-old’s aunt, arrived at the scene around 10 and screamed that the victim had made complaints “just yesterday”. In a Facebook post, the victim’s sister said authorities ignored her pleas for help.

A witness from a nearby factory said he heard three shots fired around 8 in the morning. Another witness said a gray car was seen leaving the crime scene shortly after the shooting.

The assassination of Bernice Cassar would be the first after the crime of femicide was introduced in Malta this year, in the wake of the horror of the rape-murder of the Polish woman Paulina Dembska carried out in public gardens on New Year’s Eve.